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Rome Outskirts Tours

Take a refreshing break in the nearby hills, where the air is perceptibly fresher. Drive through the luxuriant vegetation of the Roman countryside. Visit archaeological sites, magnificent Renaissance villas and castles. Walk through picturesque villages with characteristic narrow streets and enjoy fascinating landscapes over the lakes, hills and woods.

Roman countryside (Campagna Romana) is full of sites of enormous archaeological interest, including very important Etruscan remains (Cerveteri and Tarquinia) as well as later Roman ruins at Ostia Antica, Terracina and Palestrina.  

These itineraries are lasting approximately four hours each. Each tour sightseeing location lies within a maximum of 25 miles from Rome. You may choose two itineraries to be performed in a day time with a stop for lunch.



Tivoli - Villa D'Este - Organ Fountain

Tivoli - Villa D'Este

Through the enchanting Roman countryside you will reach Tivoli (20 miles East)  to visit the splendid and renowned gardens and fountains of Villa D'Este. Visit the apartments to see how nobles lived in luxurious residences in the Roman countryside in the 16th and 17th centuries. Enjoy the magnificent Italian style gardens, after which many other European gardens were copied, with the fountains of Ovato, Organ (photo), Rometta, the Hundred Fountains and more.

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Tivoli - Hadrian's Villa - Canopus

Tivoli - Emperor Hadrian's Villa

Near Tivoli lie the renowned archaeological site of Hadrian's Villa with impressive ruins of his winter and summer palaces. Baths, porticoes, ponds, open-air dining halls, temples, theaters, libraries, guests lodging and more, all decorated with stupendous marble statues. Relive Emperor Hadrian's days in a spectacular visit of his countryside "hideaway". Visit the Pecile, the Serapeum, the Canopus (photo), the Thermae, the Libraries, the Hospitalia, the Maritime Theater.

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Ancient Ostia - Theater

Ancient Port of Ostia

Ostia Antica is Rome nearly-secret Pompeii. The ancient port town (20 miles West) is a fascinating and under-visited archaeological site. Visit the ruins of Rome first military outpost and main supply starting by the 'Way of Tombs', the Theater (photo), the Thermopolium (bar!), the public toilets, the Forum. See how people were living, working and passing their leisure time. On the way back visit the modern district of EUR with monumental architecture of Mussolini's

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Cerveteri - Necropolis - Tomb of Reliefs

Cerveteri & the Etruscans

Must-see visit for archaeology lovers. Driving through the enchanting Roman countryside you will reach Cerveteri (25 miles North) to visit the remains of an Etruscan Necropolis and the Museum. Etruscans believed in life after death,  that is why they have left vast and suggestive necropolis, in which the tombs interiors imitate the aspect of real homes interiors, where objects loved by the dead were reproduced: furniture, ornaments, earthenware and weapons (photo).

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Albano - Papal Summer Residence  Lake

Roman Castles Landscapes

The words 'Roman Castles' is a literal translation of Castelli Romani, but in fact this expression refers to small historic hill towns and villages scattered over the wooded slopes of the Alban Hills (Colli Albani) around the lakes of Albano and Nemi (created by long-ago volcanic activities), located to the south-east of Rome. These towns are known for attractive natural landscapes, good wine production and grand villas built by nobles mainly in the 16th and in the 17th centuries.

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Bracciano - Odescalchi Castle

Bracciano - lake and castle

Driving 25 miles NW through Roman countryside reach and visit the hill town of Bracciano  with its beautiful volcanic lake, then visit the magnificent halls of the mighty 15th century Odescalchi Castle on the footsteps of noble people who lived here 500 years ago. See valuable painting works, marble and bronze statuary, enormous and decorative fireplaces, gilded wooden ceilings, weapons, armours, pottery and Etruscan objects. Enjoy the panoramic view of the lake.

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Palestrina - Nile Mosaic - Detail

Palestrina & the Nile Mosaic

Driving 23 miles East, crossing Roman luxuriant countryside reach Palestrina. Visit this charming little hill town, the ruins of ancient Praeneste and the museum with the outstanding Nile mosaic. The town was built where once was the 1st c. B.C. Temple of the goddess Fortuna Primigenia,  celebrated for its oracles. Under the Empire Praeneste cool breezes made it a favorite summer resort of wealthy Romans. Great composer Pierluigi da Palestrina was born here in 1525.

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Although many tourists visit the Roman Castles and mainly Frascati, (chiefly for the wine and picturesque views), and Tivoli (for the fountains of the Villa d'Este), you will find absence of tourist crowds in other destinations.                        

Fees: meals, public transportation (taxis, metros, buses) and museum or monument entrance fees (indicated on the tour information schedule) are not included and must be paid by the client on the spot. When requested and when it is possible, we may purchase tickets beforehand and we may book a selected restaurant.

Languages availability: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Other languages on demand.

Please notice: we may easily adapt our tours to meet your requirements.

Booking: Tours should be pre-booked at least 15 days prior to your scheduled arrival. Anyhow you may always send us an e-mail at any time and we will make all the efforts to meet your requirements.





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